Landscape Sponsorship: Boss Page

Someone on your team wants you to know a bit more about Landscape so that you can consider supporting the current crowdfunding/sponsorship campaign. Landscape is a continuous code quality checking tool for Python, automatically running static analysis and code validation tools after every check in, and is used by a lot of open source Python projects.

Open Source

Landscape is free for open source projects, and currently checks around 15,000 repositories. Depending on your software stack, you're probably already indirectly benefiting from these checks! This includes larger projects like Ansible, Pillow and celery.

What Landscape needs is sponsorship from companies to help keep it growing, help keep it running and help keep it improving.

What you get

As well as a fuzzy feeling inside, company sponsors get placement of their logos and text in various prominent places throughout the Landscape application. This placement will be on the results of checks run, and in the emails summarising checks, and additionally the sponsorship page and other parts of the campaign for funding - for example blog posts, tweets.

Take a look at the company packages page to see details of each package.

What Landscape gets

Firstly, keeping the lights on in the server room. 600,000 checks have run so far, taking 3 minutes each on average. That's 2.5 years of solid computation.

Secondly, breathing space to start fixing some of the smaller bugs and most importantly, adding features to make it better at finding code problems for projects automatically.

There is a lot of historical data which could be used to generate trends and inspect a huge amount of coding styles.

More information about what Landscape does

For more information about what Landscape does, The Landscape home page or tour page are good places to start and you can also look at the sponsorship campaign pages.

A last plug

Landscape is also available for private repositories, so if you would like to start using it for your private code base, you can do that too! There's a one month free trial, you can see the pricing plans here.