Landscape Sponsorship Company Packages

There are three packages available: Whale, Elephant and Giraffe.


Ths biggest animal and the one that will get you the most attention! You'll get the most placement in the various positions on the Landscape site and emails as well as the largest amount of space.


Not as big as a whale but still large. Logos and banners will be half the size and will be shown alongside another elephant.


Large and elegant, you'll get as much traffic sent to you as possible just like the others. However they will be shown less than the larger creatures and there will be one per impression, shared amongst all giraffes.

What you'll get

Firstly, and audience of thousands of developers who like open source and Python will see your logos and message. Secondly, a wonderful fuzzy feeling inside.

Here is a comparison of each of the packages and what you get for each package. More detail for each section follows the table.

Whale Elephant Giraffe
Price $6000 $3000 $1000
Number available 4 8 no limit
Notification emails Text ad Text ad -
Repository pages 220x140 220x70 Text ad
Site Sidebar 220x140 220x70 -
Sponsors site front page Rotatin, see below
Hall of fame See below
Blog Post Full dedicated post with logo and your message Several grouped together
Twitter announcement Yep!


Notification emails

Each check sends notification emails to anyone who can view the repository in question, depending on their preferences. There is space for a text and link advert for one Whale or Two Elephants on every email - this is randomized but the Whale slot will appear twice as often.

On each check page

Pages displaying check summaries as well as pages displaying comparison summaries will have a space at the top for either a Whale or two Elephants. As with others, Whales get a slight priority. As this is the main entry point to visitors to Landscape who are not users, this will likely generate the most impressions.

Site sidebar

The sidebar lists each repository that a user has subscribed to for seeing the result of checks, on the left hand side. There will be a space at the top for either one Whale or two Elephants, and a fixed panel containing four Giraffes at the bottom of the list of repositories.

Sponsors site front page

This very site you're looking at now. On the home page there will be a thank you section to the company sponsors. The page will have 2 Whales, 3 random elephants and 4 random giraffes, randomly chosen on each page view, and underneath there will be a link to the hall of fame:

The "Hall of Fame"

Every sponsor - all Whales, Elephants and Giraffes - will have a logo on the "hall of fame", a list of everyone who sponsored Landscape. This page will always be on Landscape, even after the sponsorship drive has come to an end, and will be linked from the main web application.