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Tidying up code one commit at a time:
code quality and static analysis for open source.

Landscape has run 679,400 checks across 16,480 repositories so far including Pillow, celery, ansible and over 400 django apps.

Do you like tidy code? Do you want to help defeat technical debt?

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Landscape provides code checks for free for open source projects and I want to keep improving and updating it. Please donate do you can help it get better - and therefore help code get better.

Want to know what the money will be used for? Here is the current list of planned fixes and features and improvements - and you can always just send an email if you think something is missing!

Want to see some stats?

  • 679,400 checks run across
  • 16,480 repositories containing
  • 108,420,432 files containing
  • 18,220,240,811 lines of code and in total
  • 671,034,126 messages, errors or warnings were found.
  • The 679,400 checks have taken a total of 2.5 years to run

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You can sponsor either as a subscription once per month, or as a single one-off payment:

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Not keen on any of those? You can also send just $2!

bitcoins also welcome to this address: 1ApVmyxBuxjqTwKLV4ZyQdJTSBfJnUHFhz. If you do that and want to be on the hall of fame just send your GitHub username to

Company sponsorship? Awesome!

If you want to see what benefits you can get from sponsoring Landscape - despite the feel good factor, lots of tweets and prominent logo placement on Landscape pages, please see the company packages page for more information.

If you think the company you work for could help out with Landscape, and you want to persuade your boss why, have a look at the summary for bosses page and send it to them!

Planned Features

As well as general improvements to accuracy, reliability and less bugs in general, there are a lot of new features planned (hoped for) for some time. The following list is likely to be the first ones tackled:

  • Better trend graphs: there's a lot of historical data in Landscape that is not currently visible
  • Other git providers: right now GitHub is the only integration but other hosts and arbitrary git repos can be added
  • Heatmaps: figure out which files have the most churn and where the hotspots are for your code
  • Notifications via Slack or IRC or other mechanisms for finding out the results of a code push

And plenty more ideas after that but let's start there!


What is the money for?
Partly, to enable full time work on Landscape, which is needed to keep up with the current amount of projects and repositories being checked. Secondly, keeping the lights on in the server room!
Why donations? There's a paid version isn't there?
I have never been able to work full time on Landscape except by using my own money to do so, and that is swiftly running out. While there is a private version already, one of the many improvements to be made is working on actually converting trial users into paying customers.
What are the planned features?
The planned list of first new features can be found just above this FAQ, though there will also be lots of bugfixing and working through the backlog on the issue tracker.
When will this start happening?
Right now this funding campaign has just started so the timeline really depends on how much support there is and how quickly news spreads. In the mean time, things will continue as normal while trying to get the word out. You can help by sharing this page as much as possible.

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